Technical Support

Reactive and Managed Support Services

Our Managed services are tailored specifically to your companies needs, we do not do canned solutions. We are a business and as a business we understand you have no time for games, nor do we. We are fair, honest and fast, everything we expect in our service providers.

Our Reactive Support Service capabilities will ensure that your staff have access to technical help whenever it is needed. Our advanced capabilities allow us to quickly and effectively resolve your Tier 1 end-user support issues in most cases remotely. In addition to our reactive services & proactive support capabilities, we have implemented a number of industry leading escalation policies, methodologies and procedures in the event that the Network Administrator assigned to your account needs to be dispatched to your office location or if additional or different skill sets are needed to resolve your technical issue or support request.

Our reactive support group is comprised of experienced help desk technicians whom have a minimum of three years experience and hold at least one technical certification. Because of our substantial investments in people, support systems and business process, we are one of the leading support companies in the Thompson Nicola region.