Remote Backup

Our solution is the best backup solution in the interior

Our Online Data Backup offering can help preserve, protect and restore your mission-critical information, data and files and help advert a potential disaster or business downtime.

Because our online computer data backup applications are web-based, we can provide our affordable and comprehensive information and solutions to organizations throughout Canada.

The Computer Guys backup software can protect all your corporate data assets. Backing up mail, print and database servers in addition to user desktops and laptops with our proven solutions can dramatically reduces the time to restore and removes anxiety about the unreliability of damaged, lost or corrupted magnetic tapes.

We can provide off-site, online, real-time network backup; restore service. We can protect your entire enterprise including workstations, file servers, databases, and email systems. Secure remote backups and restores are performed using the Internet or through dedicated communication.

Our strict data management practices, coupled with our automatic (i.e. no human intervention) off-site storage, positively impacts your unique disaster recovery/business continuity strategy.

Our Solution Benefits

  • Risk Reduction – the vulnerability of your organization having incomplete backups is virtually eliminated
  • Increased Productivity – by removing the tedious tasks of managing the backup and restore process, your highly-trained IT staff is freed to tackle more challenging IT issues
  • Reduced Backup Times – “Delta-blocking” ensures that only changed portions of a file are transmitted. Compression methods further reduce the data size
  • Reduced Recovery Times – Restore times for accidentally deleted files are dramatically reduced, which can help make your end users more productive
  • Ease of Future Planning – This service is scalable and can upgrade as the amount of information you need to manage increases
  • Cost Effectiveness – Our service is priced to be competitive with hardware/software offerings which attempt to address the same issues.
  • Minimal Capital Outlay – The customer is charged on a monthly ‘usage’ basis. You only pay for the amount of storage used. There is a nominal, one-time fee for setup.


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