We Reduce And Contain Your Costs Around Technology

The Computer Guys are recognized leaders in providing reliable and cost-effective technology support services to efficiently resolve the complex and persistent technology issues, frustrations and challenges faced by your businesses in today’s ever increasingly complex technology dependent environments.

The people that ask for our help want to reduce and control their costs around technology and are seeking predictable technology results for a predictable fee.

We challenge the status quo approach and methodology which can hog tie many companies due to ever increasing costs resulting in aged unmaintained systems that frequently break down. We constantly search for the best, most efficient, and affordable solution that leverages enterprise level software applications and tools to properly support your network, infrastructure, desktops, employees and strategic business initiatives without breaking the bank.

Our approach is simple-we have the right people, performing the right tasks that results in an overall IT expenditure reduction by 30%  or more in some cases when compared to other approaches such as internal IT staff and break/fix IT companies.

To ensure the continual optimization and performance of your entire infrastructure, our team of personable, qualified and experienced IT professionals will perform a variety of industry best practice tasks on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly schedule.

What this means to you is that we can provide measurable and meaningful IT cost reductions, access to additional technical and subject-matter experts, a scalable and flexible IT service delivery model, system process and network performance assurance, enhanced network security, increased data protection and preservation and overall risk mitigation.

The real benefits of our approach are that for an affordable and predictable monthly fee, you can refocus your resources on the strategic growth of your business and ensure the protection of your sizable investments in technology, while we assume the responsibility of managing all of your information technology needs and requirements.